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This Month's Contest: Worst Super Power Ever.
What is the lamest possible super-power? You decide!

If you win this contest, you will receive a 1 Year Pro Membership to ProductionCrate, as well as Hitfilm Pro and Ignite Pro 2017!

Rules & Eligibility:

  • You can use any assets from Hitfilm
  • Use at least 1 effect from
  • Use only VFX from or that you create yourself (or any assets/VFX from Hitfilm)
  • Use only SFX/Music from or that you create yourself
  • Make it 10 seconds or shorter
  • Must be posted to YouTube
  • Must have a link to in the description
  • This contest is free to enter, and all ProductionCrate members who have a YouTube account are eligible to compete!

1st Place Prizes:

  • A copy of HitFilm Pro & HitFilm Ignite! ($349 cash value)
  • Be featured on the ProductionCrate home page for 1 month
  • If you are a free user you will also win a PRO upgrade for 1 year
  • If you already have a PRO account you will also win the equivalent cash value: $39.

Scoring Criteria:

  • X/30 - Originality / Creativity with given theme
  • X/30 - Use of VFX
  • X/20 - Story / Narrative
  • X/10 - Emotion response (Laugh out loud or comedy, make us jump for horror)
  • X/10 - Use of music and/or SFX.

Important Dates:

  • Video must be submitted by April 30th 2017, 11:59 PM PST
  • The winner will be chosen & announced by our team at the beginning of May 2017.

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