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10 Second Contest and Updates

Check our update covering the latest visual effects, tutorials, assets and more. Enter our Monthly 10 Second VFX contest and win prizes. Rules and entries are below.

This Month's Contest: Time Ramping / Speed Ramping
Take a page from Zack Snyder and show us your best time-ramping shot!

It can be action, comedy, or even romance (if you're feeling ambitious). Create a 10 Second entry that utilizes the stylish technique of speed/time ramping.

1st Place Prizes:

  • A Surprize! Cash value anywhere from $50 - $500 film related equipment or software. You will also be featured on the ProductionCrate home page for 1 month
  • Free Users win a PRO upgrade for 1 year Pro Users win a Free Pro Account for the following Year.

Scoring Criteria:

  • X/30 - Originality / Creativity with given theme
  • X/30 - Use of VFX (Use at least 1 effect from FootageCrate)
  • X/20 - Story / Narrative
  • X/10 - Emotion response (Laugh out loud or comedy, make us jump for horror)
  • X/10 - Use of music and/or SFX.

Important Dates:

  • Video must be submitted by January 31st 2019, 11:59 PM PST
  • The winner will be chosen & announced by our team on the 2nd of February 2019.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Use at least 1 effect from in your video
  • Your entry must be 10 seconds or shorter
  • Your entry must be posted to YouTube
  • Your entry must have a link to in the video description
  • To participate you must be atleast 18 years old or have a parents permission
  • Participants must agree to and follow our official contest rules.

* Youtube is not a sponsor of this contest. Entries which are not eligible, or don't follow the YouTube Community Guidelines will be disqualified. This contest is free to enter, and will be void in jurisdictions where prohibited. Participants agree to release YouTube, our sponsors/affiliates, and ProductionCrate from any and all liability related to this contest. To read our official rules click here. To read our privacy policy click here. To read our terms & conditions click here.

Last Month's Results for: Worst Super Power Ever.
1st place goes to Tyler Boim


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