The Lazarus Pit

Footagecrate Revival Contest

Production create 10second contest Chris has a Guardian Night Cat

Why You Shouldn't Boost a Dead Man: 10-Second Contest Entry

I'll bring you back, no matter what!

Dark Lord - The Rise (ProductionCrate

Spirit bomb revival production crate entry

Resurrection Come Back to Life - Productioncrate Contest

The dead AWAKEN - Productioncrate contest entry

Never Touch Another Man's Fidget Spinner

Love Lost

My Production Crate Video

Stikbot Vs. Zombie (a #sitkbot halloween stop motion animation)

The Failure

But What About Backwards? Contest Entry

Experiment Turns Quackio Into a Monster

Thats not how grandpa used to look!!

Chris is sent back.... ProductionCrate Contest

Resurrect VFX Contest for ProductionCrate

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