The Night Visitor


Sweet Tooth - Production Crate Entry

10 Second Jumpscare Short

obligatory spooktober reference

Witches Brew Commercial!

10 Second Horror

The Haunting (Jump Scare) ProductionCrate's October 10 Sec Film Contest

jump scare cat

Jump Scare

Open Door

Halloween Prank Gone Wrong

ProductionCrate 10 Second Film Challenge ¦ Jumpscare

Something Is Out There

Haunted House


"There was a Bug"- Production Crate 10 Sec. Jump Scare!

2019 10 Production Crate Scare Me

Worst Super Power Ever.Too Late'Coming Soon'Simple problem, complex solution!Get Creative with These Sounds!Out of BatteriesSuper Powers!Sci-FiThere's an app for that."Fanny B."Perfect TimingTurning to the DarksideUse the line: "I didn't know they could talk"UnderwaterEntertaining Yourself During QuarantineInanimate Star of the ShowBut that's Gary's JobNew Year, New Me.Apocalypse Now.. or laterSuper Punch ThreeJump Scare!CrossoverHeroes Sacrifice Use a ShoeThird Try's A CharmWrong TurnOrigin StoryHidden WorldEscapeTime Ramping / Speed RampingWorst Super Power Ever.Flashback!Video Game Character IntroDo whatever you want!HauntingChase Scene!Point of ViewForced PerspectiveReflectionShot for ShotThe Long ShotPrank Gone Wrong!Bad One-LinersThe Most Powerful Kick in the World!Bring Back from the DeadAnime FX In Real Life!Use the phrase: "This isn't even my final form"Edit This Footage!Time Travel!Wish gone wrongWorst Super Power Ever.Bad Movie Rip-OffUse the line: "I don't think that's a good idea"