Law & Ocean

There's Always a Bigger Fish: Contest Version

Submarine Showdown



The Upside Down

The Delivery

Shark with a frickin laser beam attached to its head

production crate contest(July)

Pool Sharks

Mini Sub

ProductionCrate Contest » Underwater

TRAP | Underwater VFX Contest | ProductionCrate

Life Under The Sea (It sucks)

ProductionCrate's 10 Sec Film Contest

Production Crate "UnderWater" Contest!!!

The Water Looping Hole (PART ONE)

Production Crate Underwater Contest Entry

Under Waterᵐᵃʳᵏ

Keep the lights on All the vfx where take from the and video is created to participate in underwater contest.

Underwater megalodon: remote control to switch it off All the vfx where take from the and video is created to participate in underwater contest.

Mysterious Under Water Creature ProductionCrate's 10 Sec Film Contest


This is for production crate contest entry.

Underwater 10 second VFX contest entry

ProductionCrate Underwater v3

Star Wars Sniper/productioncrate.contest/underwater

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