Zoom! I A Short Video By David Petratos

Perfect Portal I A Short Video By David Petratos

Duck love This Month's Contest: Time Ramping / Speed Ramping

Helicopter crash in driveway during Apocalypse

The Jump

Through The Mirror (Contest entry)

Tanks Don't Need Roads

Production Crate January 2019

The Floor is Lava I A Short Video by David Petratos

Production Crate Contest Entry - Speed Ramping || RKTV

Productioncrate Project


Time To Survive I A Short Video by David Petratos

Superman Short

ProductionCrate January contest Entry | Slow-mo Bullet |


KnifeTime (Slowmotion KnifeAction)

Production Crate Contest Entry - Time Ramping || RKTV

monster vs kairi production crate contest

Card Trick Shot Bullet Time - Production Crate January 2019 Time Ramp Contest

The Gozo Terminator (ProductionCrate January's 10 Sec Film Contest)

Horrific House Visit ll10 Second Film

ProductionCrate January Contest Entry

ProductionCrate Time Ramping/Speed Ramping 10 second contest


Nerf Reward

Time Challenge - January 2019 w/ Productioncrate.com

Shadow 10sec

Flash ProductionCrate 10Sec Content

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