Killer Beard

The Creation of a Cake

The Trash Can (Production Crate 10 Second contest March)

Inanimate - 10 sec Short Film - Production Crate

Lego Berlin Wall Shooting (Short version)

The Bananarang ProductionCrate's March 10 Sec Film Contest

forest spaceman vfx composite shot

Chinook strafe run

man killing mirror man

electro gun finished

Memories - A 10 Second Short Film (HD)

The Spoon, ProductionCrate's March 10 Sec Film Contest


Economic Virus

Productioncrate Contest Entry | Inanimate Star of the Show

Orange Justice

Aster Oh No!

Darth Vader vs. Qui-Gon Jinn-

"Close Encounters of the Cube Kind" | Blender Animation Short Film

MINI Film (Potato fight) in 10 second video contest for

Monster Book! Inanimate object

Shippy Saves the Planet From an Asteroid

Where Is That Sock

The Pen || 10 sec vfx contest productioncrate

Production Crate - 10 sec video challenge. "inanimate object as the star"

Tape - ProductionCrate 10 second vfx contest

Something is out there. It comes, and it ist awsome.

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